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The return of Arooo

Did a bit of work on ExtraNotes today; last night I had a revelation about how to solve the problem of the GUI not updating properly when audio playback is paused. The solution is actually quite simple -- ConcurrentParameterSet should have pause/resume methods which are called when the playback is paused/resumed, and when paused, all realtime parameter changes are executed right away. Since playback is paused, the risk of priority inversion (which, for the record, is the reason that ConcurrentParameterSet is so damn complex) does not exist and the parameter updates can be safely executed.

The solution worked like a charm, and I am thinking about doing a bit of minor re-architecting in PluginParameters so that other plugins can use this solution per-default. As it stands, the other plugins which use ConcurrentParameterSet don't really need to execute parameter changes when playback is paused, so it's not such a big deal.

Yeah, at this point I'm now sitting on 4 plugins which are essentially finished, but haven't been released. The reason I haven't done any proper releases of these plugins is mostly laziness -- doing releases means getting out a bunch of different laptops, making builds, doing sanity checks, making the zipfiles etc. It's not hard work, but it's labor-intensive and takes time. Since I've got such a great creative burst going these days, I'm reluctant to blow it on the mindless repetitiveness on releasing software. But I promise that will change soon, and shortly after New Year's, I will make a huge release day and push everything out "into the wild".

On the subject of creative streaks, I started looking at Arooo again, and am now hacking it into plugin form. Arooo is a standalone app I did at last year's MusicHackDay Stockholm, and it was primarily intended for trying to stop a bad habit that our puppy was developing -- howling when I left the house. The software would open the default audio device, look for sounds which roughly matched the frequency signature of the howls, and then play a nasty noise if detected. The hack was easily done in the required 24 hours for the hackathon, and it was fun to demo.

Surprisingly, when I put Arooo into action, it did very well. I set the program up to log events to the screen, and then recorded the audio when I was gone and cross-referenced them against each other. It showed real promise, detecting the input noises at very high reliability. I haven't done much with the software since then, but I have been meaning to generalize it and make it into plugin form. When finished, the plugin will:

  • Allow the user to load in an audio file for profiling
  • Process audio in realtime, searching for signals which match the profile
  • Set a "tolerance" for how close the input signal must match the profile
  • Trigger an event when the input signal matches, which can include:
    • Playing another sample (could be used to build a drum-replacement sampler)
    • Playing a MIDI note
    • Sending a MIDI CC message
    • Executing a shell script
After one day of hacking, I made a basic GUI and re-architected some of the initial hackathon code to be a bit more generic. I still need to generalize the profiling algorithm, which was the key part of making Arooo work.