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Nearing release day

My girlfriend is in town for New Year's, so I haven't been hacking much (gotta appreciate the better things in life, you know). We were also supposed to spend Christmas together, but due to some screwed-up travel plans things didn't work out... and hence, my huge hacking spree during the holidays. Anyways, I have done a bit of work on the plugins during her time here, since she also needs to study for exams.

I have managed to get all of the plugins building on Windows and Linux, and now have 32/64-bit builds on all three platforms. As usual, Windows proved to be the problem child of the lot, and I needed to make two more patches to tinythreadpp to get it building on 64-bit Windows. Actually building on Windows isn't nearly as painful as doing anything git-related on Windows, due to the horrendous command-line situation on that platform.

As expected, porting to Linux was trivial given that they built on Mac OSX; it was just a matter of pointing GCC to the correct source paths and sorting out the compile flags for C++11 support. At any rate, I just need to zip up and organize the binaries and then put out the word. Quite a nice way to start out 2014, I think.

Using the Renoise demo, I was able to test out the Linux plugins (MrsWatson has experimental GUI support, but it's not realtime, so it's not suitable for doing actual GUI testing). Although Renoise is in general a rather difficult host to learn, dropping the plugins on the master channel is not terribly difficult, and I was pleased to see how well things worked out of the box. Text editing, graphics importing, etc., all worked. Normally this GUI-type stuff is always a complete pain with Linux, but apparently not with Juce!

However, there is one problem, which is that the GUI for ExtraNotes should behave a bit differently than a realtime-audio plugin, and for this reason the GUI "seems" a bit unresponsive, even though it's simply because the realtime event loop isn't being processed. I need to solve this problem, which I don't think will be terribly difficult.