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More MrsWatson progress, little by little

Fixed a ton more warnings in MrsWatson and actually attempted to fix some real bugs today! Inspired by a pull request I received, I changed the plugin chain so that each plugin has its own separate buffer for writing to. This should hopefully fix a lot of the problems which arise from channel count mismatches -- such as feeding a mono file to a 16-output effect plugin.

I felt a bit bad about re-writing the original pull request, since I consider it quite an honor to get a pull request from someone who cares enough about your project to fix bugs in it. However the original pull request had a few big problems, namely that it removed several unrelated tests in LinkedList (for reasons which were not entirely clear to me) and also that it was failing the test suite (the original author claimed it passed on his machine, I can believe that since I was testing on a different platform).

The author had planned to rewrite and resubmit the patch; instead I took his idea and made a much smaller patch. I've pinged him for feedback on the patch, let's hope that it fixes the bug and nobody's feelings are hurt. :)