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TeragonGuiComponents hits 1.0!

Today I am pleased to announce the first official release of TeragonGuiComponents! I spent some time today busting a ton of bugs and polishing up each of the widgets, the documentation, the demo app, and graphic resources. Here's the new demo app:

Forgive the cheesy window decorations, that's just the way Juce renders standalone apps and this won't be present for VST plugins. I will be making an official page on the Teragon site soon, in the meantime you can grab the 1.0 code from GitHub and check out the components and graphics.

In case I haven't given him enough credit (and he really deserves more!), the graphics were done by Max Rudberg, who agreed on licensing the work as Creative Commons. If you would like to use the graphics in other projects, you are free to do so but please give both Max & I credit (I == Teragon Audio, in this case).